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Week 10: Pauline & Jon's Weight Loss Diary

Monday, March 15, 2021

Pauline – end of week 10

How I’m feeling:
I had quite an overwhelming start to the week with wedding plans filling my head. With only 3 months to go I have felt both excited and stressed but my weight loss on Wednesday really cheered me up.

Weight loss update:
I lost 1.5kg this week so overall I have lost 12kg which is almost 2 Stone.

Biggest challenge in the last week:
Forcing myself to go out walking when I felt really tired and just would have happily stayed at home.

Biggest success in the last week:
Panicking that my wedding dress is now really big on me and having to speak to my alterations person on how she will manage to reconstruct it for me. Stressful at the time but a great feeling overall.

Jon – end of week 10

How I’m feeling:
Extremely proud of myself after seeing my most recent Inbody results as I managed to maintain my muscle. All the other figures such as my percentage body fat and the internal fat around my organs which were not looking great at the start look so much better.

Weight loss update:
I lost 1.3kg this week - so to date I have lost 18kg (which is just under 3 Stone).

Biggest challenge in the last week:
Dealing with working from home on a day-to-day basis is really beginning to take its toll on me, and I have struggled a bit this week however I have come with a plan to overcome this… watch this space.

Biggest success in the last week:
I am now on to step 2 of the Temple Vie programme, and I have tasted my first piece of chicken in about 2 months, and it was well worth the wait.

Jon's Diary

What year is it I asked Pauline this week?

I only asked her because I feel more fit and healthy than I remember feeling 10 years ago. So has anything changed apart from the obvious weight loss? I realised that I have rediscovered my appetite to be more active.

For me it has always been about more than just how I look. I may not have been “really” fat, but I sure felt that way in every sense. Over the past couple of months, so much has changed about how I actually feel.  I have more energy, I am no longer sluggish, the need to nap or rest all the time has gone – not completely, who doesn’t enjoy a chilled cat nap now and again?

Physically I can exercise with more confidence now. I no longer sweat constantly whilst doing the even the most trivial of tasks, my body no longer aches just getting off the sofa and my breathing no longer wheezes like an old man if I do more than just move slowly.

This is very much an ongoing process; I’ve reached the point in the diet where, both mentally and physically I’m ready to don the lycra shorts  and hit the running track again.

Pauline's Diary

No big updates from me this week I had a good weight loss which helped turn around a very stressful week of wedding planning and work.  I have started exploring different work out programmes on YouTube that I am hoping will not only help with my weight loss but help eliminate a lot of the stress in my life.  Other than that I have been making the most of the nicer days and getting in plenty of walks with Jon.

I just hope the public are ready for it too.

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