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Week 22: Pauline & Jon's Weight Loss Diary

Monday, June 7, 2021

Pauline – end of week 22

How I’m feeling: 

After overindulging last weekend It did take me a few days to get back in the right mindset and back on track with the programme. I found this all quite challenging and frustrating but I knew what I had to do - so it just took a lot of determination but I am delighted that I have ☺.

Weight loss update:

I didn’t lose anything this week but at least I didn’t gain any weight either!  I was really happy with this result – it just shows me how important it is to stay focused,

Biggest challenge in the last week: 

Getting back on track and reminding myself that I have to start looking beyond the wedding.

Biggest success in the last week: 

I genuinely thought that I would have put on weight this week so to stay the same was a huge relief for me. Having showed myself how easy it is to stray has re-focused my determination to stick with this programme.

Jon – end of week 22

How I’m feeling: 

I am feeling really good after my review with Dr Sam this week as after being disappointed that I had previously lost muscle the last time, I was worried that I may have lost more. I am totally chuffed to see that I am starting to gain muscle – working out pays off!! 

Weight loss update:

I didn’t lose any weight this week, but I am still at my target weight so now to just further refine my body composition – 21.5% body fat is just the best it has ever been.

Biggest challenge in the last week:

After several discussions with Pauline, I have come to the conclusion that we are both going to need some help in improving our fitness. Even though I have been adamant I wouldn’t consider a PT, I have decided that after the wedding I will set something in place to help me in this respect. 

Biggest success in the last week:

I was really happy with my Inbody results and I am actually surprised and delighted that I feel inspired by my desire to gain even more muscle (even if it does mean admitting that I might have been a bit hasty in deciding that I would never use a PT!!)

Surprise…… So, after thinking that last week would be our last update before the wedding, it turns out that not only were we able to put aside some time to do this week’s update, but we really wanted to be able to share some of our experiences from a fairly challenging week.

Last weekend I (Pauline) was at a friend’s house for a hen weekend and it is safe to say I overindulged to the point where I was actually on more than one occasion in agony with my stomach. Not only was it not a nice feeling, but it was also then really challenging to get back on track with the programme.  I definitely found it much easier the last time I was out socialising because as it was just one day, but this was a whole weekend!!I found it scary to discover how easily I fell back into some bad habits with my food such as eating way beyond being full. However, I am happy to say I took time to consider how I felt and what I really wanted to achieve with the programme. Not only did I rediscover my positive mindset, but I also managed to get some big walks in this week as well.  I can’t begin to say how delighted I was that I did not gain weight on the scales this week. I think I got off lightly – but don’t want to take that chance again.

While Pauline was away, I (Jon) relaxed my tight discipline with food choices and on top of that I had Finn all weekend, so I did find it a bit challenging to stay 100% on the programme.  This made me have a serious think about how I can manage these situations going forwards. I think we are going to have to look at getting some outside help with our general fitness, but I haven’t yet decided how and what we shall do.  Although with only 2 weeks until the big day, I have been so delighted by the lovely weather that we have continued getting out for some long walks. Not only has this given us some fab exercise but it also gets us away from the craziness of the wedding countdown. A powerful reminder of the benefits of exercise being more than just being about being physically active – it is giving us the head space to just be and chill.

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