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Week 6: Rhoda's Weight Loss Diary

Monday, February 22, 2021

So another week with not a particularly great loss, I will be completely honest and admit that I am disappointed but I am reminding myself that a loss is still a loss and even if the numbers are moving slowly, they are nevertheless moving in the right direction!

On a more positive note however I can feel the inches coming down and I definitely feel healthier! 

My clothes are certainly looser and my skin and hair are the best they have looked in a longtime. I have more energy and can focus better. For me, with my long dieting history, I have usually been transfixed on what the scales say and I have been known to set myself unrealistic targets. This time round feels different - I am learning to celebrate the victories that don’t relate to the weighing scales - my clothes fitting better and also how I feel.

I am also learning to be a bit gentler on myself and funnily enough, because I don’t feel that I am “failing”, I am more determined to stick with the programme!

I know that my eating habits are changing for the better - I eat more regularly and I can honestly say I don’t feel hungry with this diet.

This week I have set myself a simple goal, I shall go for longer walks and enjoy them and where they take me rather than counting steps!

How I’m feeling:
A bit disheartened that I have not lost more weight

Weight loss update:
0.5kg this week, so 3.5kg to date. 

Biggest challenge in the last week:
Not eating birthday cake or the Indian Takeaway that the rest of the household had. I made the Temple Vie aubergine curry and had my own naan bread made from the pizza dough. 

Biggest success in the last week:
Pushing myself to be consistent with my simple at home kettle bell workout.

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