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Week 9: Rhoda's Weight Loss Diary

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Rhoda – end of week 9

How I’m feeling:

Very happy following my review with Dr Sam. My InBody results are all going in the right direction. I can really feel the difference in my clothes now too which is so motivating.

Weight loss update:

Weight lost this week 1.1kg and weight lost to date 5.1kg/11.2 pounds

Biggest challenge in the last week:

Not saying yes to a cream tea for Mother's Day! To be honest I don't feel like I have missed anything. I reward myself with clothes or makeup now rather than food.

Biggest success in the last week:

Thrilled that my body fat percentage and visceral (fat around my organs) has come down. I also gained a wee bit of muscle too.


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