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Understanding the psychology behind your eating behaviours can make a big difference to your ability to lose and keep the weight off, long term.

Few people have a straightforward relationship with food and it is not uncommon for everyday life stresses to affect your eating behaviour. Recognising the signs and learning how to deal with them can be the first step in preventing everyday life stresses from sabotaging your weight loss goals.


The psychological screening at the start of the programme will help us to identify if there are likely to be potential problem areas, such as emotional eating or binge eating.


We provide resources to help you understand psychological issues with food such as how to deal with saboteurs, mindful eating, cravings, social events and holidays.

Expert help

Expert psychological support can be provided at any point in the programme to sensitively and effectively help you to make the long-lasting changes that will help prevent future weight gain.

psychology banner
psychology banner

This medically supervised plan will be delivered in a fully structured and consistent manner. From calculations about target weight loss, to recommendations on what each person can eat, there is logic and method applied at each step.

Our 5-point programme

This is just one area of the Temple Vie programme. Explore more below!

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