What makes Temple Vie different to other weight loss programmes?

With other programmes, there is no focus on helping people keep the weight off. Any diet will work if you follow it, but when you lose weight and then go back to your everyday routine, surrounded by temptation, it can be very difficult to stay slim. We help our patients through that transition period and our maintenance period of the programme continues for two years.

How long will I be on the programme for?

This depends on how much weight you need to lose. At the Triage consultation, the doctor will undertake a series of assessments which will allow them to calculate roughly how long you will be on each step and stage of the programme. The equipment used during this consultation will not only give an idea of how much weight you should lose in order to be healthy, but by measuring your metabolic rate, you will also have an idea of how quickly you are likely to lose weight. On average it is 1 stone per month. (The fastest we have on record is just under 3 stone in just over a month).

What happens at the weekly treatment?

The appointment lasts about an hour. The therapist will perform the LPG treatment (45 minutes). They also carry out a detailed review of your progress and pass all of this onto the doctor. The personal attention of the therapist not only allows for detailed monitoring of your health, but they provide invaluable one-to-one support, advice and encouragement helping you to stay on track and motivated.

What happens after the diet?

When the weight has been lost and you have had all the normal food groups reintroduced to your diet you enter the Maintenance Stage which endures for 2 years and is designed to inculcate good habits that will last for the rest of your life. It is essential that you attend the clinic for regular monitoring. During this time you will get used to making your own choices about what to eat and drink as well as how much exercise to do.

What if I can’t fit all the required sachets in?

The programme is flexible meaning drinks or ready-made options make this easier for people with busy lives or who are not used to having breakfast.

How does Temple Vie fit around holidays / Christmas / special occasions?

The timing of this can be important since it may be beneficial for you to have lost some weight before the event. The doctor will advise on how to modify the diet around your event so that you can still enjoy yourself without sabotaging your progress.

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