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If you are interested in changing your body composition – and not just necessarily to lose weight – Kickstart is for you. You could be someone who goes to the gym but is not getting the results you want in terms of weight loss or muscle build, you may have a significant event or milestone coming up where you want to look your best, maybe you had a health scare and want to improve your lifestyle or it might just be that you are getting older, have fallen into unhealthy eating patterns and are not as active as you once were.

Whatever the reason, we will help you get to where you want to be.


Dr Sam will assess where you are at, what you need to do differently and monitor your progress along the way.


Exercise is important but we will focus on what you can do already and the facilities available to you. It’s important that you have fun, as research shows that you are more likely to factor in exercise if you enjoy doing it. We will help identify efficient exercises for you and the InBody profile will show us the areas you need to work on.

Kirsten lost 8kg and reduced her body fat from 32% to 26% after 4 months with Kickstart


Our Basic Kickstart plan is £99. This includes your InBody profile, nutritional plan, fitness assessment, personalised lifestyle programme (covering diet, exercise, sleep and stress management) and information and guidance to boost your motivation and will power.

On-going reviews will be every 6-8 weeks and are priced at £75. We can also advise on body contouring treatments to further enhance your results. If you decide to add one of these packages, you will receive a complimentary review at the end of your course of treatments.

Kickstart your life and make a fresh start today!

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