Body Contouring

Nature is not always kind when you lose weight, meaning you may not always be left with the body shape you want!

Thankfully, help is at hand. Body contouring treatments provide shaping and tightening which ensures that you lose inches in all the right places. These combined effects result in a firmer smoother body shape and can have a marked effect on the appearance of cellulite.

45 minutes

You are required to attend the clinic for a weekly body contouring treatment, lasting around 45 minutes. The treatment is really relaxing, feeling like a deep tissue massage.

Breaks down fat

The Temple Vie programme uses a body contouring treatment called LPG which helps to break down these diet resistant fat stores, releasing energy which the body can use.

Clears toxins

LPG stimulates skin tightening and assists lymphatic drainage. This helps to clear toxins as well as helping to improve the rate of excretion of these products from the body.

body contouring banner
body contouring banner

During your appointment, your therapist will carry out a detailed review of your health, providing invaluable one-to-one support, advice and encouragement to help you to stay on track and motivated.

Our 5-point programme

This is just one area of the Temple Vie programme. Explore more below!

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