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Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it... see what our Temple Vie patients have to say for themselves!

Maggie lost over 3 stone in 16 weeks

Maggie (65) lost 20kg (over 3 stone) in 16 weeks by following the Temple Vie programme. She has lost 14 inches from her waist and hips. Her percentage body fat has dropped from 43% to 25% and her body composition is now a healthy ideal for her height and weight.

Maggie came to Temple Vie because she had concerns about her physical health, knowing that she was at risk of developing serious conditions such as diabetes if she didn’t lose weight. Psychologically Maggie had also lost confidence

“I had always liked to look as good as I could, but was aware that my weight was affecting how I looked and, more importantly, how I felt about myself.”

Maggie had been feeling increasingly desperate about her weight having previously tried bariatric surgery in the past but found that she just did not manage to keep the weight off.

“As someone who had resorted to surgery in the past to control their weight, I clearly understood that what is absolutely necessary goes beyond a quick fix – it involves ongoing support and education about how to do things differently. It's relatively easy to lose weight in the short term but you have to be prepared to take responsibility for how you live your life if you are going to stay slim”

She had a friend who had completed the programme and wondered if it might work for her too.

Maggie did worry at first that she might not be able to stick to the programme

  One of the things I had to consider was lifestyle choices, e.g. going to a friend's wedding and having no alcohol, or being at a birthday party and not being able to eat cake. But these small sacrifices were so worth it ……… one of the things that kept me going was hearing Sam's voice in my head (and it was there often) saying that it would take 3 days to get back into ketosis again …. and believe me, that piece of cake wasn't worth 3 days effort.

Maggie was surprised at how quickly she lost weight and how effective the body contouring treatments were in tightening her skin. She began to enjoy wearing brighter clothes which flattered her slimmer figure – and the positive feedback she received from friends and work colleagues really boosted her self confidence

“I find myself chatting to people in the lift at work, where I might have previously have just said hello but tried to remain invisible”

Maggie is finding the ongoing support and education provided by the Temple Vie team is invaluable and recognises that the benefits of making small changes in her life will ensure that she stays slim.

“I am learning all the time and am more aware of ways in which I can manage any specific concerns such as social events or holidays without sabotaging myself. I feel much fitter, healthier and happier and am delighted that I can physically do things now that I wouldn't/couldn't do before.

 A huge thanks to the entire team - I would certainly recommend the Temple Vie approach to people if they are serious about losing weight and keeping it off for life”


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Donna004 v3 Donna004 v2

Donna lost 4 stone plus 12 inches from her waist with Temple Vie

Donna, 51, lost more than 4 stone following Temple Vie. She had previously lost weight with another weight loss programme but found she soon regained the weight.  The main attraction about Temple Vie was the focus on helping her to keep the weight off beyond the initial diet. Not only did she find the food to be so much better, but she also appreciated the completely holistic approach to helping her to change her life.

Donna knew that she would have to understand more about her own relationship with food, more about nutrition and how to fit exercise into her life.

“Learning about food and the importance of portion size has really changed my approach to eating – I am discovering how I can eat foods that I really like without regaining weight”

“I never thought I would enjoy working out in a gym but having had a personal trainer teach me how to exercise properly I am happy to go into the gym alone and I know what I am doing – even my husband, who has always been fit, has joined in and enjoys my sessions”

Donna has found that as a result of losing weight she feels so much fitter and does not get as tired. Her clothes fit better and her confidence has soared.

“Having lost 12 inches from my waist I can not only wear all my favourite outfits but I am also enjoying shopping for more!”

“I feel happier, lighter and positive about the future – I am enjoying feeling in control of my weight and love learning new strategies to help me keep the weight off”

Donna has found the support of the Temple Vie staff to be invaluable.

“I really look forward to visiting the clinic – the therapists are so knowledgeable and the treatments are relaxing – I feel that I am finally allowing myself to have some ‘Me-time’ and my family  have commented on how much happier I am"

“I really enjoy the focus on education – the blogs, the webinars and my regular reviews with Dr Sam – everything is so clearly explained and makes perfect sense – it would almost be hard NOT to stay slim”.

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Heather H 2 v2 DSC 1171

Heather lost 4 stone and 10 inches from her waist

Heather (44) had previously lost weight with another weight loss programme but found that she struggled to keep the weight off.

Her medical history of having Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome meant that she was insulin resistant which resulted in her feeling almost permanently hungry.

She had 20 years of trying to lose weight and was now tired of the cycle of dieting and regaining weight.

“I was desperate to find a programme which had a focus on not only helping me to lose the weight but would also keep it off. Temple Vie offered to do just that”

Over the next 20 weeks, Heather lost 4 stone and 10 inches from her waist.

“I can’t believe that I am now lighter than I was 20 years ago”

Heather was determined to ensure that she could keep the weight off this time and knew that she had to be prepared to learn how to change her eating habits. With the support of Temple Vie, she started to explore what it meant when she thought she was hungry.

“For me one of the biggest differences between Temple Vie and other programmes has been the focus on changing my whole relationship with food. I am much more confident about how to manage my hunger, what foods to eat and how to manage every tricky situation”

“Having struggled with my weight for so long, as a result of my experience with Temple Vie, for the first time ever I feel optimistic that I have finally broken the cycle”

As the weight fell off, Heather became more confident about going to the gym and with the help of her Personal Trainer started to develop an exercise routine that fitted with her busy life.

“Temple Vie has changed my life – I am more confident; I enjoy exercise so much more and I no longer feel that I want to hide away from the world”

Heather found the actual programme very straightforward although social events presented their own challenges. She found the educational resources and support provided by Temple to be invaluable in helping to make decisions that would not sabotage her weight loss progress.

“The Temple Vie staff had an answer for every problem that I presented. With their guidance and support I never felt alone. The steady weight loss and the encouragement of my friends and family really helped my motivation”

“I love the personal tailoring of Temple Vie to me – I really enjoy food - learning about nutrition and how to eat the things I love without regaining weight has been a revelation to me”

“The five elements of Temple Vie have each individually and collectively been essential to my success and I am so delighted with all the help that I have received from the whole team at Temple. With their maintenance plan, I am confident that I have discovered the “holy grail of staying slim".

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alex before v3 Alex005 amended

Alex lost 7.5 stone and 14" from his waist with Temple Vie

Alex, a 67 year old farmer, had experienced negative comments from health care professionals about being overweight.

“The embarrassment of needing seat belt extensions when flying was the final straw. I knew I had to do something”

He turned to Temple Vie when he realised that he needed more than his own motivation to help him lose weight. It was a measure of his desire to lose weight and the quality of care provided by Temple Vie that persuaded Alex to commit to making the 6 hour round trip from his home to the clinic on a weekly basis.

As a result of his Temple experience, Alex has lost 7.5 stone, 14 inches from his waist and now feels fantastic. He is delighted to be able to climb hills again and not be breathless, enjoys his electric bike and boasts

“I can actually pick stuff up from the floor now”

Alex is relishing doing more exercise and is planning to join the gym having enjoyed his PT sessions at Kippie Lodge, which comes as part of the Temple Vie programme.

“I now feel confident that I know what exercises to do and also how to do them properly. Having a personal trainer guide me has made all the difference”

Apart from losing weight and now feeling at least 15 years younger, Alex is delighted to have been able to reduce his Blood pressure medication.

“It has been such a relief to be able to maintain my weight despite family parties and holidays – and who would not enjoy the positive feedback from friends and family?

With the support of Temple Vie, Alex has learned a lot about nutrition and is paying more attention to eating well. Alex is determined to keep his weight stable and so plans to work with Temple Vie as he progresses through the maintenance stage, reinforcing the healthier lifestyle habits that he has learned along the way. 

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Temple Vie as an effective and enjoyable way to lose weight. Temple Vie has revolutionised my life!”

Read more about our weight loss programme and how Temple Vie can help you with your weight loss journey.

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Jill before 2 v2 Jill After 1

Jill lost 1.5 stone in only 2 months with Temple Vie

Jill, 58, approached Temple Vie looking for help in losing weight for her daughters' weddings this summer.  Although she had previously lost weight, she had not been successful in keeping the weight off and was excited at the prospect of a medically supervised programme that had a focus on helping to keep the weight off for the longer term.

Although Jill was keen to lose weight because she knew she would feel fitter and healthier, she had a new goal to help her stay focussed and this was the impending weddings of her daughters in the summer. She admitted that having put on weight after successfully losing it before was affecting her confidence.

“I was beginning to feel invisible and worried that I was turning into a little fat old lady”

Now that Jill has lost the weight she is determined to continue to make the changes that will keep her slim

“I feel fabulous, more youthful and confident that my clothes fit me better. I love wearing bright colours and generally I feel more optimistic about the future and more confident”

“Although at the time it felt like quite a big deal to follow a strict programme, it was actually very straightforward because I just had to follow the guidelines and the weight fell off. I felt very well supported by all the Temple staff, I was never hungry and I have really enjoyed the new body contouring treatments”

“I was a bit apprehensive about finishing the weight loss part of the programme since I know that keeping the weight off is the biggest challenge – but I was delighted to come back from holiday and find that I hadn’t gained any weight! I am reassured that I am learning more about how to keep the weight off – the advice on how to eat well and take on board other guidance about things like exercise and sleep are going to be my focus over the next few months.”

I am relieved that Temple are committed to working with me as I incorporate these new changes into my life – I know only too well that old habits die hard and I am only cheating myself if I constantly overeat the wrong foods. I am finding other ways of treating myself “

When I look back and see that it only took me 2 months to lose 1.5 stone, I am so delighted that I found Temple Vie and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight and get ongoing support to maintain the weight loss.

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Karin before Karin after

Karin dropped 5 dress sizes with Temple Vie

At 64 and realising that her mobility was being severely hampered by a very painful arthritic knee, Karin sought advice from an orthopaedic specialist. He advised a total knee replacement but also suggested that if she lost weight then not only could she postpone surgery, but the pain should be dramatically improved.

"I was aware that my weight had crept up over the years - whether it was my age or just a by-product of life, I just didn't like how I felt it spiralling out of control. I knew I had to do something because I was just so unhappy. I tried numerous diets, but nothing compared to my experience with Temple Vie."

"I cannot believe the change in my quality of life since losing the weight. I have dropped 5 dress sizes - I can go hillwalking and the pain in my knee is almost gone".

Karin found the programme really easy to follow - she learned about the importance of being organised with her food and she enjoyed eating different things whilst never feeling hungry.

"The Temple Vie staff were so supportive and friendly and I felt that I was extremely well taken care of by everyone there. Temple Vie has taught me a lot about how to keep the weight off - and at the end of the day there is nothing complicated about it. To achieve such impressive results so quickly has made it much easier to stick to the diet and it felt completely safe because it was all medically supervised."

Temple Vie is not just a diet - it has helped Karin to focus on some easy but necessary changes to her life.

"I now enjoy going to the gym and just generally feel more active and able to enjoy life. It is great to be able to do all the things that I used to enjoy and I am so relieved that the staff at Temple will continue to support me whilst I learn more about nutrition. I know that the maintenance part of the programme is helping me adjust to my new lifestyle and so therefore making it possible to stay slim"

"I love the positive feedback that I am getting from everyone and I would confidently recommend Temple Vie to anyone who is serious about losing weight."

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Kelly lost 6 stone in just 5 months with Temple Vie

"For most of my adult life I've battled with being overweight and my unhealthy addiction to the wrong food types.

With the big 40 nearing, I took a long hard look at my life - what was good, bad and indifferent about who I am right now, how I felt and how I looked. I researched what I thought all my options were - weight loss surgery, diet, join a gym, a slimming club or do nothing. They all had pros and cons but I had to do what was right for me and my job.

There were so many surgical options to help with my weight - gastric band, sleeve, balloon or bypass and they all carried significant risks during and after the procedure and of course the costs associated were not small. I would need to take time off work to recover and learn how to eat with a smaller stomach but it wouldn't change my unhealthy relationship with food.  I did read lots of horror stories and although they didn't put me off completely, I didn't really want to take the easy route to losing weight and to me the surgery felt like cheating.

I knew that the only reason I'm the size I am today is because of what I've chosen to put in my mouth.

I love a challenge and I knew that my head was in the right place to take on my new challenge of becoming a smaller, lighter, healthier and a happier new me but I needed to do it right. I needed to face reality and get to the bottom of why I ate what I did and what my triggers are so that I could stop my yo-yo dieting habit for the rest of my life.

I got an email from Temple Vie about their new and improved weight loss plan and their commitment to help keep the weight off. I booked my consultation and my journey started from there.

I have lost 6 stone in 20 weeks but I still have a bit more to go before I'm at my target weight. The transformation has been amazing. My self confidence has grown, my activity levels have increased dramatically and I no longer have to pretend to be happy because I am happy.

The girls at the clinic are very supportive, Dr Robson is happy with my Inbody results each month and the emotional and psychological support is there if I need it.

For me, the non-surgical route is the best option for my circumstances. I am in control of my diet as I'm sticking to my weight loss plan and my drive and determination to succeed will get me to my goal and the 2 years of support from the clinic will ensure that I don't go back to my old eating habits."

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