Maggie's Story

Maggie lost over 3 stone in 16 weeks

Maggie (65) lost 20kg (over 3 stone) in 16 weeks by following the Temple Vie programme. She has lost 14 inches from her waist and hips. Her percentage body fat has dropped from 43% to 25% and her body composition is now a healthy ideal for her height and weight.

Maggie came to Temple Vie because she had concerns about her physical health, knowing that she was at risk of developing serious conditions such as diabetes if she didn’t lose weight. Psychologically Maggie had also lost confidence

“I had always liked to look as good as I could, but was aware that my weight was affecting how I looked and, more importantly, how I felt about myself.”

Maggie had been feeling increasingly desperate about her weight having previously tried bariatric surgery in the past but found that she just did not manage to keep the weight off.

“As someone who had resorted to surgery in the past to control their weight, I clearly understood that what is absolutely necessary goes beyond a quick fix – it involves ongoing support and education about how to do things differently. It's relatively easy to lose weight in the short term but you have to be prepared to take responsibility for how you live your life if you are going to stay slim”

She had a friend who had completed the programme and wondered if it might work for her too.

Maggie did worry at first that she might not be able to stick to the programme

  One of the things I had to consider was lifestyle choices, e.g. going to a friend's wedding and having no alcohol, or being at a birthday party and not being able to eat cake. But these small sacrifices were so worth it ……… one of the things that kept me going was hearing Sam's voice in my head (and it was there often) saying that it would take 3 days to get back into ketosis again …. and believe me, that piece of cake wasn't worth 3 days effort.

Maggie was surprised at how quickly she lost weight and how effective the body contouring treatments were in tightening her skin. She began to enjoy wearing brighter clothes which flattered her slimmer figure – and the positive feedback she received from friends and work colleagues really boosted her self confidence

“I find myself chatting to people in the lift at work, where I might have previously have just said hello but tried to remain invisible”

Maggie is finding the ongoing support and education provided by the Temple Vie team is invaluable and recognises that the benefits of making small changes in her life will ensure that she stays slim.

“I am learning all the time and am more aware of ways in which I can manage any specific concerns such as social events or holidays without sabotaging myself. I feel much fitter, healthier and happier and am delighted that I can physically do things now that I wouldn't/couldn't do before.

 A huge thanks to the entire team - I would certainly recommend the Temple Vie approach to people if they are serious about losing weight and keeping it off for life”


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