Heather's Story

Heather lost 4 stone and 10 inches from her waist

Heather (44) had previously lost weight with another weight loss programme but found that she struggled to keep the weight off.

Her medical history of having Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome meant that she was insulin resistant which resulted in her feeling almost permanently hungry.

She had 20 years of trying to lose weight and was now tired of the cycle of dieting and regaining weight.

“I was desperate to find a programme which had a focus on not only helping me to lose the weight but would also keep it off. Temple Vie offered to do just that”

Over the next 20 weeks, Heather lost 4 stone and 10 inches from her waist.

“I can’t believe that I am now lighter than I was 20 years ago”

Heather was determined to ensure that she could keep the weight off this time and knew that she had to be prepared to learn how to change her eating habits. With the support of Temple Vie, she started to explore what it meant when she thought she was hungry.

“For me one of the biggest differences between Temple Vie and other programmes has been the focus on changing my whole relationship with food. I am much more confident about how to manage my hunger, what foods to eat and how to manage every tricky situation”

“Having struggled with my weight for so long, as a result of my experience with Temple Vie, for the first time ever I feel optimistic that I have finally broken the cycle”

As the weight fell off, Heather became more confident about going to the gym and with the help of her Personal Trainer started to develop an exercise routine that fitted with her busy life.

“Temple Vie has changed my life – I am more confident; I enjoy exercise so much more and I no longer feel that I want to hide away from the world”

Heather found the actual programme very straightforward although social events presented their own challenges. She found the educational resources and support provided by Temple to be invaluable in helping to make decisions that would not sabotage her weight loss progress.

“The Temple Vie staff had an answer for every problem that I presented. With their guidance and support I never felt alone. The steady weight loss and the encouragement of my friends and family really helped my motivation”

“I love the personal tailoring of Temple Vie to me – I really enjoy food - learning about nutrition and how to eat the things I love without regaining weight has been a revelation to me”

“The five elements of Temple Vie have each individually and collectively been essential to my success and I am so delighted with all the help that I have received from the whole team at Temple. With their maintenance plan, I am confident that I have discovered the “holy grail of staying slim".

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