Temple Vie Team


Dr Sam Robson

Temple Vie Medical Director and Founder

I have worked as a GP since 1997 and began to specialise in aesthetics in 2004. I launched the Temple Vie programme at Temple Clinic in February 2019 after becoming acutely aware of the amount of ‘diet programmes’ on the market that do not offer on-going support after a person has reached their target weight.

I wanted to create a programme that not only helped people quickly and safely lose weight but also ensure that they are properly equipped with the resources and skills to help them keep the weight off for life.

One of the hardest things for anyone who is not naturally slim is to know how to manage day to day eating once they come off the diet. This includes how to cope with temptation and how to relax and enjoy themselves at social events. It is also important to debunk the myths about food and eating ‘miracle cures’ that we are constantly fed by the media.

I feel passionately about this because it really should not have to be rocket science! I believe, with the right amount of support and encouragement anybody can tackle their weight, and this is our promise at Temple Vie.


John Eagles

Counsellor and Non-Executive Director

I’m John, Non-Executive Director and Counsellor at Temple. I've worked as a psychiatrist in Aberdeen, being a consultant at Royal Cornhill Hospital and an Honorary Professor of Mental Health with Aberdeen University. I had both a clinical and a research interest in people with eating problems.

I have since retired, and have helped Sam to develop and write the Temple Vie programme. It has been a pleasure to be involved in a programme that is multi-facetted, looking at all the elements involved in successful weight loss and at then keeping off that lost weight.

Inevitably, as an ex-psychiatrist, one of my main areas of interest is in the psychological aspects of the Temple Vie programme. I shall be working as a counsellor, rather than as a doctor, in the expectation that addressing some of the psychological issues involved in overeating - hugely common but so often ignored in other weight loss programmes - will help our patients to live fitter, slimmer and happier lives.


Natasha Wilson


Natasha is a dedicated therapist who has fully embraced the education provided to her during her Temple Vie training. She is passionate about integrating this knowledge into her own life, where she strives to provide a healthy lifestyle for her young family. In her role as a therapist, Natasha's skills are continually evolving, enabling her to offer a wide range of skin and body treatments. She is a highly valued member of the clinical team, known for her enthusiasm and commitment.

Beyond her work, Natasha's heart belongs to her young son, Koby, whom she lavishes with love and attention. In her precious moments of free time, she indulges her passion for organisation by undertaking various projects to enhance her home.

Natasha derives immense satisfaction from sharing the success stories of her patients on Temple Vie. She finds it truly rewarding to guide and support individuals in their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, Natasha enjoys imparting her knowledge of lifestyle and skincare to her family and friends, further contributing to the well-being of those around her.

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Kim Houghton


Kim is a seasoned massage therapist with over 4 years of experience in various massage techniques. Passionate about her craft, she stays updated with the latest methods. Outside of work, Kim admits to being a self-confessed shopaholic and a neat freak who enjoys dabbling in random DIY projects. Her heart belongs to her three kids and beloved dog, Benji, whom she adores spending time with. Whenever she manages to snag a kid-free weekend, Kim spends time with her cherished friends and family, valuing their presence as much as her profession.


Gillian Walker

Front of House

Hi, I'm Gillian and work as Front of House supporting the Temple Vie programme, you will probably see me buzzing about helping out in every way I can with the smooth running of the clinic. It's been a great experience learning what Temple Vie has to offer - I have been impressed to see how patients grow in confidence during their weight loss journey and I am excited to be part of that support.

Outside of work I enjoy travelling and love spending time with my family.

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Alex Park

Front of House

Alex is a vibrant member of our Front of House team at Temple Clinic. Alongside her chihuahua companion Charlie, Alex enjoys leisurely strolls in the park, soaking up the beauty of nature. In her spare moments, she channels her creativity into painting, finding joy in the artistic process.

With a degree in Architecture under her belt, Alex brings a unique perspective to her role. A self-professed coffee enthusiast, Alex's warm demeanor and diverse interests make her a valuable asset to our team and a delightful presence for our visitors at Temple Clinic.

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Front of House

Karis is one of the welcoming members of our Front of House team, eagerly awaiting your arrival at Temple Clinic. Prepared to engage you in pre-appointment conversations and extend a warm welcome, Karis takes pleasure in witnessing patients achieve their lifelong goals through the Temple Vie program. Beyond her clinic duties, Karis dedicates herself to her studies, pursuing a degree, and delving into her interests in social media. Additionally, you may spot her adding some excitement as a shot girl in Aberdeen's local bars and clubs. Prepare to be greeted by Karis's infectious energy during your visit to Temple Clinic!

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