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Temple Vie Team


Dr Sam Robson

Temple Vie Medical Director and Founder

I have worked as a GP since 1997 and began to specialise in aesthetics in 2004. I launched the Temple Vie programme at Temple Clinic in February 2019 after becoming acutely aware of the amount of ‘diet programmes’ on the market that do not offer on-going support after a person has reached their target weight.

I wanted to create a programme that not only helped people quickly and safely lose weight but also ensure that they are properly equipped with the resources and skills to help them keep the weight off for life.

One of the hardest things for anyone who is not naturally slim is to know how to manage day to day eating once they come off the diet. This includes how to cope with temptation and how to relax and enjoy themselves at social events. It is also important to debunk the myths about food and eating ‘miracle cures’ that we are constantly fed by the media.

I feel passionately about this because it really should not have to be rocket science! I believe, with the right amount of support and encouragement anybody can tackle their weight, and this is our promise at Temple Vie.

rhoda 3

Rhoda Stewart

Patient Coordinator

I’m Rhoda, Patient Coordinator for Temple Vie.

Having managed a dental practice, I have many years experience in providing a first class patient journey and know only too well how vital it is to look after our customers whilst we help them to look after their health.

When you join Temple Vie, I will more than likely be your first point of contact - I will be there to welcome you to the programme and help you on every step of your journey. I personally know how it feels to be overweight and unhappy about this, so think of me as your cheerleader on the programme! I feel passionately about the importance and psychology behind feeling good about how you look - it’s much more than aesthetics, it affects your whole state of mind.

Watching our patient's confidence sky rocket as they take control of their weight is just so amazing to witness and it is a privilege to be part of their success.

Lisa 1

Lisa Cowieson

Aesthetic Therapist

Hi I'm Lisa, Aesthetic Therapist at Temple Clinic. I carry out weekly body contouring treatments to patients who are on the Temple Vie programme whilst supporting and advising them throughout their weightloss journey.

I have worked at Temple over the years since 2013. After a career break being a mum to my 2 kids, I went back to college for 3 years to complete my Level 3 Diploma in Body & Spa Therapies.

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the patient's confidence grow each week as they lose weight and learn how to make changes to their lifestyle that will enable them to stay slim. On a personal note, I have learned so much from my patients and the Temple Vie programme that I now know how easy it can be to make some simple changes - the secret is just knowing where to start.

Outside of work I am very much a family orientated person and love spending time with my nearest and dearest. I also like catching up with friends whenever I can.

Pauline v2

Pauline McNab


I’m Pauline and I am the lead administrator for Temple Vie or as my colleagues like to call me the ‘Admin Ninja’. Usually the job of administrator means someone is locked in an office, busily working away and rarely seen away from their desk - that is certainly not me. You will often see me around the clinic! I have worked for Temple for nearly 4 years and have played a pivotal key role in helping to launch Temple Vie in Aberdeen.

From a personal point of view as someone who has had struggled with maintaining my weight over the years, I am proud to be part of a team that offers a programme that doesn’t leave patients to fend for themselves once the weight is off. This is where Temple Vie is different - we continue to work with you to help you learn how to keep your weight under control by making positive changes to your lifestyle.

If you are coming on to the programme I can guarantee our paths will cross at some stage. I look forward to welcoming you to Temple Vie and I am excited to be working with you.


Rebecca Clements

Temple Vie Front of House

I’m Rebecca, Front of House for Temple Clinic and the Temple Vie programme.

When you attend the clinic I will most likely be one of the first faces that you see. I know that for some people taking the first step through the door can be quite nerve wracking and will take courage. I hope to reassure you that not only do I understand this but I  really want you to succeed as much as you do!

I find my role extremely rewarding - each week I relish the transformation I see in Temple Vie patients not just in witnessing the weight loss but also the improvement in their happiness and quality of life.

I am so passionate about the Temple Vie programme. With its focus on weight loss for life, it is unlike another diet out there and I will do my best to support you on this journey!


John Eagles

Counsellor and Non-Executive Director

I’m John, Non-Executive Director and Counsellor at Temple. I've worked as a psychiatrist in Aberdeen, being a consultant at Royal Cornhill Hospital and an Honorary Professor of Mental Health with Aberdeen University. I had both a clinical and a research interest in people with eating problems.

I have since retired, and have helped Sam to develop and write the Temple Vie programme. It has been a pleasure to be involved in a programme that is multi-facetted, looking at all the elements involved in successful weight loss and at then keeping off that lost weight.

Inevitably, as an ex-psychiatrist, one of my main areas of interest is in the psychological aspects of the Temple Vie programme. I shall be working as a counsellor, rather than as a doctor, in the expectation that addressing some of the psychological issues involved in overeating - hugely common but so often ignored in other weight loss programmes - will help our patients to live fitter, slimmer and happier lives.


Gillian Walker

Clinic Assistant

Hi i'm Gillian and work as clinic assistant supporting the Temple Vie programme , you will probably see me buzzing about helping out in every way I can with the smooth running of the clinic. It's been a great experience learning what Temple Vie has to offer - I have been impressed to see how patients grow in confidence during their weight loss journey and I am excited to be part of that support.

Outside of work I enjoy travelling and love spending time with my family.


Magda Zielinska

TV Therapist

Hi I’m Magda, I undertook my Beauty Therapist training at Aberdeen College and then I worked in beauty retail for almost 10 years.

I started working as a Temple Vie therapist in 2021. I see patients on a weekly basic to carry out LPG treatments and to support them through their weight loss journey. Working with patients is the part I enjoy the most – I love sharing in their journey and feel privileged to share in their success. I can see how the Temple Vie programme can help people rediscover their zest for life!!

When I’m not in the clinic I love spending time with my young kids and my husband. We love to travel and keeping a photographic record of everything I can.

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