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Temple Vie comprises 3 stages – Weight Loss, Stabilisation and Maintenance. In the first stage you will see rapid weight loss before moving on to the second stage which entails the gradual reintroduction of carefully selected healthy foods.

In the Weight Loss stage you will choose from a wide variety of sweet and savoury high protein, low calorie foods and drinks. Most of this food is provided in powder form as sachets although there are some readymade options as well as bars, crisps, snacks and smoothies. The Maintenance stage is focused on continuing to learn about how to eat well and enjoyably for life.

Weight Loss

The duration of this stage depends on how much weight you want to lose, on average we expect 1 to 1.5 stone per month. We move on to Stabilisation once you reach your target weight.


This stage is usually over an eight week period. It involves a gradual introduction of all the normal food groups and focuses on healthy nutritional choices.


A bespoke meal plan, nutritional education and regular medical reviews ensure your diet and exercise routine remain effective in keeping the weight off permanently

the food banner
the food banner

Daily supplements of prescribed minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids are important because when following Temple Vie, your metabolism will change. These supplements ensure your body’s biochemistry remains stable and you feel well.

Our 5-point programme

This is just one area of the Temple Vie programme. Explore more below!

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