The nutritional guidance provided aims to both educate and support you in making the best possible dietary choices once you reach the Maintenance Stage.

Our role is to help to refine your bespoke meal plan and to ensure that your weight loss is maintained. Together we shall design a personalised plan based on your requirements and your taste preferences.



It is very important that you refine your knowledge, being aware of the types of food you should eat and those you should seek to avoid. Many educational resources will be available to you and a specialist nutritionist can be consulted if required.

Food Choices

Broadly, we shall advocate diets that are high in fibre, high in protein and unrefined carbohydrates. More specifically, it is helpful to know the foodstuffs which suit your individual metabolism, and we may encourage you to investigate a personalised nutrition programme such as Zoe.

Meal Plans

There will be selections of food options for each meal, allowing substitutions according to your taste. Specific dietary requirements will be accommodated. As time goes on, you will develop and diversify your own healthy eating meal plans.

nutrition banner
nutrition banner

Our webinars provide tips and guidance on topics such as effortlessly eating out, how to make healthy substitutions for favourite meals, dealing with cravings and what healthy eating really means.

Our 5-point programme

This is just one area of the Temple Vie programme. Explore more below!

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