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Temple Vie is the only programme that gets the weight off and keeps it off for life

The Programme

I was beginning

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Jill lost 1.5 stone in only 2 months with Temple Vie. What have you got to lose?

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How it works

Your bespoke five step programme

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  • The Food

    All the food you need is provided in the initial Weight Loss stages, with guidance on appropriate fruits and vegetables

  • Weekly Body Contouring Treatment

    A weekly, relaxing 45-minute treatment to help achieve a firmer, smoother body shape

  • Exercise Programme

    We will educate you on effective exercise and help you to find activities that you enjoy.

  • Educational Resources

    Education - You will be given access to a variety of resources which include webinars, blogs and videos. - teaching you how to make lifestyle changes to help maintain your weight loss.

  • Medical Reviews

    As part of our fully medically supervised programme, every four weeks you will have an in-depth review with one of our medical practitioners

How Temple Vie is different

We are serious about weight loss, giving you serious long term results!


Sustained Weight Loss

You will see rapid initial weight loss results but the real focus is on the 2 year maintenance stage, where we will work with you in making the changes that will keep this weight off for life.

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Biometric Body Composition

Going beyond just recording your weight and body fat, the biometric reports give us a more detailed picture of your health enabling us to help you safely reach your weight-loss goals.

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Physical Activity

Exercise is essential for helping to maintain weight loss. You will be encouraged to develop a healthy exercise habit that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

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