Giulia's Story

Giulia lost more than 10kg over 3 months during lockdown with Temple Vie

Giulia, a 43 year old teacher, had previously lost weight using the Alevere programme, but because there was no structured follow up plan to help her, the weight slowly crept back on. She was excited by the prospect of a weight loss programme that promised to actively engage her in making changes to her lifestyle so that she could keep the weight off beyond the diet.

When she signed up to Temple Vie in March 2020, she had no idea that the country was about to head into lockdown. Initially Giulia was very apprehensive about how she would manage to follow the programme when it seemed that her access to the clinic would be stopped – however she was thrilled to discover that Dr Sam ensured she could continue to have remote medical supervision on a regular basis.

“What I really liked about this program is that I never felt alone- there was always someone ready to answer any questions and to give me a boost when I needed”

Over the following 3 months Giulia lost more than 10kg and dropped more than 2 dress sizes. She kept in regular email contact with the clinic and also enjoyed virtual consultations where she was advised about exercise and how to manage her diet.

She has lost 20cm (nearly 8 inches) from her waist and is loving being able to wear beautiful Italian clothes again

“I wanted to lose weight because I felt I had lost the confidence to be myself - I wanted to enjoy go shopping for new clothes instead of being sad because of my size”

Apart from wanting the usual health benefits, Giulia had her own health reasons for needing to lose weight

“I discovered that I had MS 12 years ago which means being on medication – and one of the biggest challenges with having MS is being persistently exhausted- carrying around less weight allow me to be less tired.”

Dr Sam encouraged Giulia to persevere with doing more exercise – she sent her blogs, webinars and exercise links – all of which provided her with information and support to incorporate more physical activity into her daily life.

“Now that I have lost weight, I feel I have gained confidence - I feel energetic and more positive. It’s amazing to see how everything is connected: body-mind-mood – my family love that I am so much happier within myself – and now that I am taking better care of myself, I am so much more able to take care of my family”

Having lost the weight, Giulia is now following the maintenance stage of the Temple Vie programme. She attends the clinic for regular reviews and is learning how to adapt the advice to fit around her Italian origins.

"The Mediterranean diet comes naturally to me, but the nutritional education provided by Temple Vie has helped me to make subtle changes to what I eat so that even when I return home to visit my family in Italy, I am still in control of my weight.”

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