Kelly's Story

Kelly lost 6 stone in just 5 months with Temple Vie

"For most of my adult life I've battled with being overweight and my unhealthy addiction to the wrong food types.

With the big 40 nearing, I took a long hard look at my life - what was good, bad and indifferent about who I am right now, how I felt and how I looked. I researched what I thought all my options were - weight loss surgery, diet, join a gym, a slimming club or do nothing. They all had pros and cons but I had to do what was right for me and my job.

There were so many surgical options to help with my weight - gastric band, sleeve, balloon or bypass and they all carried significant risks during and after the procedure and of course the costs associated were not small. I would need to take time off work to recover and learn how to eat with a smaller stomach but it wouldn't change my unhealthy relationship with food.  I did read lots of horror stories and although they didn't put me off completely, I didn't really want to take the easy route to losing weight and to me the surgery felt like cheating.

I knew that the only reason I'm the size I am today is because of what I've chosen to put in my mouth.

I love a challenge and I knew that my head was in the right place to take on my new challenge of becoming a smaller, lighter, healthier and a happier new me but I needed to do it right. I needed to face reality and get to the bottom of why I ate what I did and what my triggers are so that I could stop my yo-yo dieting habit for the rest of my life.

I got an email from Temple Vie about their new and improved weight loss plan and their commitment to help keep the weight off. I booked my consultation and my journey started from there.

I have lost 6 stone in 20 weeks but I still have a bit more to go before I'm at my target weight. The transformation has been amazing. My self confidence has grown, my activity levels have increased dramatically and I no longer have to pretend to be happy because I am happy.

The girls at the clinic are very supportive, Dr Robson is happy with my Inbody results each month and the emotional and psychological support is there if I need it.

For me, the non-surgical route is the best option for my circumstances. I am in control of my diet as I'm sticking to my weight loss plan and my drive and determination to succeed will get me to my goal and the 2 years of support from the clinic will ensure that I don't go back to my old eating habits."

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