Stella's Story

I Exceeded my Aims with the Temple Vitality Lifestyle Programme

"At the age of 62, and with steadily increasing weight, I was struggling with low mood, energy levels and flexibility. My self-awareness consisted of a cycle of negative thoughts, feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, and berating myself for not being able to turn this around.

I was fortunate enough not to have any underlying health issues, but was aware that my cholesterol was high and if I didn’t address my body composition, it may not be long until I started having problems. 

I had reached the point where I decided I might need to buy a new wardrobe if I wanted to feel comfortable and confident when going out - but I loved the clothes I have and wanted to wear them again. I considered the cost of seeking professional help was likely to be far more economical than this option!

I wasn’t actually overweight in terms of the scales, but I recognised that I was having to work very hard to maintain my weight and I felt that I was struggling to eat less and less. I decided I needed guidance and support to correct this and my instinct told me that it was about more than just going on another diet. I did some research and came across the Temple Vitality lifestyle programme.

Having quickly lost a little weight along with the other lifestyle changes recommended by the Temple Team the most positive effect I feel is a return to my true self. My age ‘clock’ has been turned back 10 years or more which, without the programme I do not believe would have happened.  

I feel I have been given a second chance at managing my ageing process with my mood, stamina and ability to move all improved. I am again comfortable in my favourite clothes and am at ease mentally with how I look and feel physically - I can forget myself without “forgetting myself”. This enables me to concentrate on new challenges with a renewed confidence. 

The hardest part of my programme was the first few weeks where the adjustment from the old way of eating is replaced with new recipes and trying to establish new habits – so I found the support provided by Temple to be invaluable. I am eating ‘real’ food and, though this initially caused anxiety, ongoing support has helped me stay on track and given me optimistic that I can maintain this lifestyle in the longer term.

Having medical supervision and trained therapists to touch base with is a great benefit over other weight loss programmes I have tried. They provide me with ideas and suggestions which help me to keep motivated

The biggest change to my lifestyle has been the introduction of exercise. I no longer experience morning stiffness and joint pain. Temple Clinic introduced me to a personal trainer to get me moving. Having previously disliked and avoided exercise, I now have a manageable programme to complete at home. The progress of this in terms of understanding my body composition and seeing how I actually can still develop muscle, as shown and explained by the InBody scans at follow-ups, has been very motivating.

The result of the Temple Vitality programme has been that I have exceeded the aims I set for myself. I was definitely spurred on by the support given to me by the Temple team who saw my potential and encouraged me to believe in myself.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Temple Vitality programme – its holistic approach has helped me consider every aspect of my life - the team are kind and patient. I know they are available for advice if I need them but for the first time in my life I actually believe that I have discovered the “Holy Grail” and my family are just loving having the “old me”. "

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