Donna's Story

Donna lost 4 stone plus 12 inches from her waist with Temple Vie

Donna, 51, lost more than 4 stone following Temple Vie. She had previously lost weight with another weight loss programme but found she soon regained the weight.  The main attraction about Temple Vie was the focus on helping her to keep the weight off beyond the initial diet. Not only did she find the food to be so much better, but she also appreciated the completely holistic approach to helping her to change her life.

Donna knew that she would have to understand more about her own relationship with food, more about nutrition and how to fit exercise into her life.

“Learning about food and the importance of portion size has really changed my approach to eating – I am discovering how I can eat foods that I really like without regaining weight”

“I never thought I would enjoy working out in a gym but having had a personal trainer teach me how to exercise properly I am happy to go into the gym alone and I know what I am doing – even my husband, who has always been fit, has joined in and enjoys my sessions”

Donna has found that as a result of losing weight she feels so much fitter and does not get as tired. Her clothes fit better and her confidence has soared.

“Having lost 12 inches from my waist I can not only wear all my favourite outfits but I am also enjoying shopping for more!”

“I feel happier, lighter and positive about the future – I am enjoying feeling in control of my weight and love learning new strategies to help me keep the weight off”

Donna has found the support of the Temple Vie staff to be invaluable.

“I really look forward to visiting the clinic – the therapists are so knowledgeable and the treatments are relaxing – I feel that I am finally allowing myself to have some ‘Me-time’ and my family  have commented on how much happier I am"

“I really enjoy the focus on education – the blogs, the webinars and my regular reviews with Dr Sam – everything is so clearly explained and makes perfect sense – it would almost be hard NOT to stay slim”.

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