Jill's Story

Jill lost 1.5 stone in only 2 months with Temple Vie

Jill, 58, approached Temple Vie looking for help in losing weight for her daughters' weddings this summer.  Although she had previously lost weight, she had not been successful in keeping the weight off and was excited at the prospect of a medically supervised programme that had a focus on helping to keep the weight off for the longer term.

Although Jill was keen to lose weight because she knew she would feel fitter and healthier, she had a new goal to help her stay focussed and this was the impending weddings of her daughters in the summer. She admitted that having put on weight after successfully losing it before was affecting her confidence.

“I was beginning to feel invisible and worried that I was turning into a little fat old lady”

Now that Jill has lost the weight she is determined to continue to make the changes that will keep her slim

“I feel fabulous, more youthful and confident that my clothes fit me better. I love wearing bright colours and generally I feel more optimistic about the future and more confident”

“Although at the time it felt like quite a big deal to follow a strict programme, it was actually very straightforward because I just had to follow the guidelines and the weight fell off. I felt very well supported by all the Temple staff, I was never hungry and I have really enjoyed the new body contouring treatments”

“I was a bit apprehensive about finishing the weight loss part of the programme since I know that keeping the weight off is the biggest challenge – but I was delighted to come back from holiday and find that I hadn’t gained any weight! I am reassured that I am learning more about how to keep the weight off – the advice on how to eat well and take on board other guidance about things like exercise and sleep are going to be my focus over the next few months.”

I am relieved that Temple are committed to working with me as I incorporate these new changes into my life – I know only too well that old habits die hard and I am only cheating myself if I constantly overeat the wrong foods. I am finding other ways of treating myself “

When I look back and see that it only took me 2 months to lose 1.5 stone, I am so delighted that I found Temple Vie and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight and get ongoing support to maintain the weight loss.

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