Careen's story

Careen (54) lost over 3 stone with Temple Vie

Careen (54) came to Temple Vie having previously followed many other diets with limited success. Like so many others, she gained weight during lockdown and was aware that her love of food and fine wine made sticking to any diet very hard. She admitted to not loving exercise and having become increasingly sedentary. Her weight was having implications for her health – she had high blood pressure, recurrent indigestion and was on anti-depressants. The tipping point for deciding that she had to do something about her weight was when she became a granny.


She started the diet weighing nearly 14 stone and over the next 5 months lost just over 3 stone. Her body composition was carefully monitored as she was losing weight – Careen managed to drop her %body fat from 45.7% to a respectable 31.4%. From a health perspective, she halved her visceral fat, (the unhealthy fat that is associated with heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancer) dropped from a very high level into the healthy range.


Although all the aspects affecting Careen’s physical health have resolved now that she has lost weight – in that she is no longer on medication for her blood pressure, the most significant change has been to Careen’s self confidence and happiness.


“I feel much healthier and happier and instead of dreading any social events, worrying about how I look and what will I wear, I now look forward to going out with family and friends”


Careen has stopped needing her anti-depressant medication and feels much more confident about her future. Her weight loss has not only benefitted her, but Careen commented that


“I have a better relationship with my husband and family and a much healthier relationship with alcohol!! – I can now enjoy a glass of wine instead of a couple of bottles.”


Careen is now well established onto the maintenance phase of the programme – as she follows a Mediterranean style of eating, she  works out with a  personal trainer and also enjoys regular Pilates classes. She finds the ongoing support of the Temple Vie staff to be invaluable in keeping her accountable and on track.


“ I wish I had done this years ago and I would absolutely recommend the Temple vie programme to anyone who is serious about wanting to lose weight”


“Having learned the importance of looking beyond the initial weight loss and making some changes to how I live in order to maintain this I can truly say that Temple Vie is the most effective weight loss programme out there”

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