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Our dedicated nutritionist is available to both educate and support you in making the best possible dietary choices once you reach the Maintenance Stage.

Their main role is to help refine the meal plan which will ensure your weight loss is maintained. Working closely with the Temple Vie doctor, the nutritionist can design a bespoke plan for you, based on your personal daily calorie requirements. This plan will be nutritionally balanced whilst respecting your personal taste preferences.

The science

The science behind the diet means the body is forced to be efficient with the energy provided in the food, so you lose weight more rapidly without slowing your metabolism down.


Additional supplements are provided to ensure the body’s delicate biochemistry remains balanced whilst the body uses up your excess energy stores - therefore safely losing this weight.

Meal plan

There are a selection of food options for each meal allowing substitutions according to your taste. If you have special dietary requirements it will be tailored to your specific needs.

nutrition banner
nutrition banner

Our webinars provide tips and guidance on topics such as effortlessly eating out, how to make healthy substitutions for favourite meals, dealing with cravings and what healthy eating really means.

Our 5-point programme

This is just one area of the Temple Vie programme. Explore more below!

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