Can Social Media Celebrities Really Be Trusted?

With all the modern day pressures to look good, is it surprising that we feel increasingly inadequate when we compare ourselves to the rich self-made stars of social media who have become billionaires with their promises that we could be as slim, as beautiful and as successful as them if we just followed their lead and their advice.

Sadly, what we have been seeing on these social media platforms is untrue.  Not only do these celebrities have a host of support staff - nutritionists, personal chefs, personal trainers – on hand to transform them but we are gradually waking up to the reality that it is also the clever use of filters and photoshop that allow these influencers to look so flawless.

The endorsement of so many products is what has made these social media stars so wealthy – the creams, the potions, the medicines, the thinly disguised laxative teas – the list is endless and the truth could be considered comparatively dull in comparison.

The most important determinant for health and beauty lies in the food and drink we put into our bodies. The quality of your skin, your hair, your teeth, your nails is all dependent on how we feed and nurture ourselves.

We need to be healthy to develop beauty and that beauty is more than skin deep.  It starts from the inside as we produce healthy cells which make healthy organs and healthy skin.

Although the evidence for this is well established, it is all too easy to be sucked into the clever marketing from the food and drink industry.  Processed and refined food, packaged up in exciting ways, promising miracles, quick easy convenient food, often made from materials that our bodies struggle to handle.  It is well known that eating junk food makes us crave more junk food and we become hooked on the additives that act like drugs on our brains. Unwittingly we have become dependent on the quick highs provided by fast food, believing their pseudo-health claims and sacrificing our well-being.

Learning about real food and how it affects our bodies may not be terribly glamorous but it is well-worth the investment of time – making small changes – eating the fuel that your body has evolved to manage will reap enormous rewards.

Within a couple of weeks of cutting out the processed foods, the fizzy drinks, the fast food that only satisfies your hunger like a quick fix – you may be pleasantly surprised to be not only sleeping better, but also to have more energy and better skin.

The more subtle recovery of your body as it becomes free of these toxins may take longer to appreciate but the positive feedback and compliments that you can expect should certainly encourage us to pay more attention to whose advice you choose to follow. 

Other than being successful because manufacturers pay them to endorse their products, what expertise and knowledge do these social media stars really have?  Do they really care about the nonsense they are peddling when your desire to believe in their marketing fantasy is just making them more richer - and it is you who pays.

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