Sugar Rush Myths

Few things lift my spirits more than having proof that I haven’t got it completely wrong!!

The crazy belief that there is some benefit to food giving you a “sugar rush” as a positive outcome has been blown out of the water by a recent study.

This study (in the Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews) suggests that the consumption of sugar does not improve any aspect of mood. Rather, it is likely to worsen the mood.

The study looked at various aspects of mood (anger, alertness, depression and fatigue) as well as the response to demanding physical and mental activities – it considered how sugar affected performance.

Not only did eating sugar not improve mood or performance but the study showed that those who ate sugar were more likely to feel tired and less alert than those who did not.

So the take home message is that unless you welcome a “sugar crash” then stay away from the sweeties because they really are NOT good for your performance or your mood.

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