Diabetes Type 2 and Weight Loss

Few things can feel more life changing than having a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.  If you have been told by your doctor that you are “pre-diabetic” meaning that “if you don’t watch out then you will soon be diabetic” it may leave you feeling as if the bell is beginning to toll and your life expectancy is rapidly diminishing.

However, recent research has shown that not only can you change the course of your decline but type 2 diabetes can be reversed.

There is a known association between being overweight and getting type 2 diabetes but the reason for this was, until recently, poorly understood.

When you gain weight you lay down fat.  As well as laying this down under our skin and getting the “cuddly rolls” of chub and developing that “beer gut”, we are also laying down unhealthy deposits of fat in our liver and our pancreas.  The pancreas is a tiny little organ which amongst other things is responsible for producing insulin.  Insulin is that essential hormone which helps to control our blood sugar levels and when these spiral above a certain level we are diagnosed as being diabetic.

So back to gaining weight...

When the pancreas starts to become overloaded with these fatty deposits the production of insulin is effectively strangled and the blood sugar level becomes less well controlled and diabetes develops.

The research has shown that when the diabetic / pre-diabetic person starts to lose weight they lose fat all over their body.  This includes the fat that is overwhelming the pancreas.  As the pancreatic fat deposits disappear, the pancreas can then start working properly again.  Blood sugar level become more normal and the diabetic shadow disappears.

At Temple Vie we understand diabetes and we have developed a bespoke protocol for helping people with type 2 diabetes regain control of their blood sugar level naturally.

If this sounds like you or someone you care about then please learn more about how we can help change your life.

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