Does Time Restricted Eating Work?

A new approach to weight loss focuses on eating behaviour rather than the content and quality of what is being eaten.

A 12 week study recently published in Cell Metabolism found that if people restricted their eating window to a consistent 10 hours then they not only lose weight but can also reduce blood pressure, drop cholesterol and lower body fat%.

There were no calorie restrictions but generally people reported eating less simply because of the time restriction. There was no skipping meals but the participants had a slightly later breakfast and an earlier dinner – thus ensuring that the time period during which any food was consumed did not exceed 10 hours.

There are several theories as to why this pattern of eating works – these range from:

  1. The gut and digestive processes within the body need time to recover and repair meaning that there is a complete “rest”. This allows the body to function at an optimal level and therefore digestion is better, more efficient and promotes better health.
  2. During the 14 hour fasting period (when nothing apart from black tea/ coffee or water can be consumed) The body uses all of its easily stored energy ( glycogen in the liver) and then switches to burning fat.
  3. Eating within a restricted time period allows the body to align itself more with the individual’s circadian rhythms- this is the 24 hour biological clock of body processes and functions – irregular eating habits can interfere with this natural rhythm. Other studies support this.

The main focus of Temple Vie is to achieve weight loss for life. Consistent and sustainable habits are logically an essential part of keeping weight off beyond the quick fix of a diet and exercise regime. Thus looking at eating behaviours which includes time restricted eating could be part of the solution for enduring weight loss.

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