Successful Snacking Made Easy

With so much time on our hands during the Coronavirus lockdown and not much opportunity to do more than watch TV or surf the internet we will have so many more snacking opportunities than before.

With all the panic buying over the past few days and weeks your cupboards are likely to be full – and with fewer people and colleagues around to judge your food choices or quantities it is going to take some careful planning to keep the situation under control. So here are some tips to make it easier for you:

It might also help to keep a record of what you eat – writing down everything that you put in your mouth forces you to be accountable to yourself and will actually make you pause before eating. If you keep a record of what you plan to eat and then document what you actually eat ( with a small note of why you are eating “off plan”) this will also help you to understand what is driving your food choices and keep you in control.


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