What Does Dieting Success Really Look Like?

Does our dieting success only depend on what the scales are telling us? After all the quickest way to lose weight quickly would be to chop off our arms and legs.

Of course, the scales can be useful if we are benchmarking our progress accurately – that is measuring our weight under exactly the same conditions and at the same time of day.  But weight can fluctuate throughout the day and can go up or down dramatically depending on how hydrated we are. Drinking 1 litre of water results in 1kg of added weight on the scales but this is just “water-weight”

How many of us focus on our efforts to lose weight when what we really want is to lose fat?

This is the essence of the “Kickstart” programme exclusively available at Temple Clinic.

You will have your body composition measured accurately, having not had anything to eat or drink for 2-4 hours before the assessment. A review of your 3 day food diary together with an overview of your body composition and metabolic rate provides enough information to allow you to understand what changes you could make to your lifestyle.

Following your initial assessment, you could modify your diet and exercise routine, following sensible guidelines about the type of exercise (focus on resistance exercise rather than cardio) and what constitutes healthy eating (more protein with some healthy carbs and fat) then you can expect to see an improvement in your body composition – more muscle and less fat.

This is one of the most reliable ways of really tracking your progress in losing fat and building muscle.

But be prepared –

Arguably these would all be better markers of dieting success than anything the scales can tell you!

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