Top 5 Tips on Non Dieting Weight Maintenance

For many people, just using the word “diet” makes them feel hungry and starts unnecessary worrying about food. 

Weight maintenance is all about reconnecting with food and establishing a healthy relationship that respects your body and your tastes. The goal is to not feel that you are punishing yourself.  The goal is to feel comfortable with food and enjoy how it makes you feel.

Weight maintenance has to involve a sustainable approach that is not overly restrictive and will promote healthy eating habits.  One that does not leave you feeling deprived and craving “forbidden foods”.

We can embrace moderation.

Here are some tips that can help tick some of the right boxes:

  1. Don’t go cold turkey
    Don’t skip meals and then expect to be able to make sensible choices. If you are hungry you can feel both physically and mentally challenged – we all know about being “hangry”. You run the risk of grabbing the first thing to hand and then regretting it later.

  2. Eat balanced meals
    With every meal and snack you should aim for a combination of protein, fats and carbs.  This will be more satisfying and filling and hunger squashing.  Think whole grain toast with smashed avocado and chopped tomatoes.

  3. Drink more water - recognise you might be thirsty
    It’s easy to become a bit dehydrated – and a refreshing drink will certainly take the edge off your appetite - but if you don’t relish more water then why not try cold fruit teas with some sliced fruit or cucumber.

  4. Try cutting down rather than totally cutting out
    How about some spiralised courgette mixed in with the pasta – adding more green vegetables to bulk out a meal – take your favourite salad dressing and halve it with balsamic vinegar

  5. Choose healthy fats
    Not only will these keep you fuller for longer but the good fats provide essential nutrients and tastes that will enrich your meal.  Just keep an eye on the quantities - add avocado or nuts to your salad instead of the heavy salad dressing – use a balsamic glaze instead.

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