5 Tips for Keeping the Weight off for the Long Term

  1. It is important that you develop a lifestyle that you can sustain when losing weight. Find food that you like and exercise you enjoy. Short-term crash diets will not lead to long term weight loss.
  2. If your main driving force for losing weight is health reasons, losing just 5% of your initial weight can have a big impact. This could be lowering your blood pressure, preventing the development of diabetes or reducing your cholesterol. Most significantly losing weight can dramatically lower your risk of getting cancer.
  3. Don’t get too hung up on numbers. BMI as a target is meaningless really and a goal weight is just a number. It is far better to set your goals around healthy behaviours. It is not just about the final destination but more about the journey to get there.
  4. Start with small changes that you can achieve. If you try to implement big ambitious changes all at the same time this makes it much harder to succeed.
  5. Focus on keeping at a weight that you can sustain. This is the weight you reach when you are living the healthiest life that you can honestly enjoy.

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